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  1. fix it jeichi

    @SaffronMoonPyre You are finally here!
  2. fix it jeichi

    @Mi5terMe, that sir is an excellent idea! I'll message them now, feel free to help me persuade them!
  3. until

    Event has now ended! - Thank you to everyone who participated within the event!
  4. Hi @MyMrS, This is your really old World Of Tanks video isn't it! You should totally record some more of this when we next play!!
  5. fix it jeichi

    We will add a League of Legends section to our forums later today! - We definitely need to play a game of League again. Me (Jeichi), You (Mi5terMe), Saffron, Louping and Ryan (Ry-Fii)
  6. introduction

    Hey @Mi5terMe, Welcome to our community, I am glad that you have decided to come here! Hopefully you find a safe haven somewhere on our forums, we are adding some forum categories and would love to hear your feedback regarding our forums! I already know which area you will be prime in and that is maybe the Graphics Area! But welcome! If you ever need any help Mi5terMe, you can always message me directly on Forums, Steam, Twitter or you can get in touch with a random member of support from our community by going to the Support Tab and sending in a support ticket! Thanks, Connor (Jeichi) Community Founder (Ex. BanterCrew Marketing Manager)
  7. @Garnet, haven't seen you around recently! How you doing buddy? Everything well?
  8. Amazing! - I cannot wait for part two!
  9. Garnet, what you been drinking?
  10. template

    [[ COPY EVERYTHING BELOW THIS AND PASTE IT INTO YOUR REQUEST THREAD ]] Steam Profile Details Steam Name: Steam Profile Link: You can get your Profile Link by going to your profile on Steam then copying the link from the address bar. Steam Trade URL: You can get your Steam Trade URL from HERE! Trade Information Skin(s) I am giving: Skin 1 Skin 2 Badge 1 Etc... Skin(s) I am wanting: Skin 1 Skin 2 Badge 1 Etc...
  11. Loving your new title @Garnet
  12. Sorry for the late response! I am the only available administrator over the weekend due to other 2 having a little break! - I will throw a server patch/restart now!
  13. Well, now you can relax and play video games!