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  2. Welcome again to my blog. So whats's new .... Well my interviews for the acoustic job in my shop is a go go.My 1 st 3 artists have been booked in and the 1 st one is going to be a blinder as she is the lead singer in Cosmic Slop and Mrs Cakehead. This is set to be a fun interview and will test me and my interview skills to the max hahaha. The next artist is Ryan a acoustic guitar player with strong ties to the Beatles songs. To follow Ryan we have Greg aka the Tone Ranger and he is a blues guitarist with slider skills to boot. I have got a invite to to Soulfest Festival to go and film so 2 free passes and free coffee and 1 good vegie meal a day as well. SWEEEEEET So watch this space as it is getting good now
  3. So this week I got a good sponsor from a local funded music group Many thanks for the donation and we are getting there . The great thing about this sponsor is that he is the main organizer all the events on the website and local area. Gary has been at since 2000 and has truly brought some amazing talent to the old mill town Darwen. I am proud that some project of this stature has been prepared to help a small independent vlogger like myself and I am looking forward to the great videos and events to come. Please goo and check there website out as there is some great info on there you can even follow them on Facebook and see what great bands we get to see , but you all ready knew that from my fab videos.
  4. So after filming Midnight Johnny for the 2 nd time on this Sunday, he asked me to go and film him and his band before he fly's back out to the states to do his USA tour well welcome home gigs as this is where he is from. Johnny is going to pay for my services at a gig so when he meets up with his temporary USA band this video can be used as a learning tool for the new members to catch up to speed... Hell yeah
  5. Wow so where do I start. So some of you are aware that I also am vlogger as well as gaming. I started this last year in about August 2016 with some motor vlogs and some events. After getting the bug for it I upgraded some of my smaller cameras to a Canon dslr t3i 600d body and other bits and bods that you gather along the way and proceeded to set about filming local music. Again I managed the time within is 6 months to hone ad get better all round from shooting at the time to editing within my software and also getting better with my graphics side as well. Since the time I started doing this I never would of thought that I would be at the point again where I decided to upgrade my equipment again. This made me come up with the idea of a crowd funding page to help. So I sold my current camera and also lens and everything I had to upgrade my camera body to a 4K camera that recorded longer than 12 min videos. Now I can record for 30 mins in full 4K settings and I can make it film for the full 1.5 hours in one. This was vital for me to grow my channels and my next skill sets for this upcoming year. I am gaining sponsors now from bands and venues and even event organizers now and requests of bands to film and record them. There is music videos to have a crack at this year which I am sure will test me to the max but it shall be a good learning curve. I have plans for a live acoustic interviews in my shop on a Sunday when I am closed where the artists can come in and tell us a bit about them selves and what sort of things they have planed for the year and also play a few songs in front of a small audience. There is a festival I am off to as well to get some great backstage footage and this is just what planned so far...... So I have been asked to tonight to go and vlog and epic artist and I asked for permission before and have been granted. I have been very lucky so far and have been allowed to film some great talent and this possibly could be my best to date.
  6. Check me out guys I have got a place to play some really cool tunes in my fav pub... I am buzzing about it and here is the promo I sent in
  7. Welcome to another blog entry on the 5/4/17. This blog is about the arrival of my new shop dog aka Bruce the old tyme bulldog. I re-homed from a family who were looking to move house and could only take 1 dog with them. If some of you were aware that my last dog Harry the short legged jack russel got run over while on the lead by a pensioner who just missed me and collect harry (at least it was quick) I did say I would get another dog but only if it was a rescue or a re-home dog. Bruce is a full pedigree old tyme bulldog and is just 13 months old and weighs 7 stone and still has a lot of growing to do. He has a great temperament and is great with other dogs which does make a change from harry I will eat you all even cars,bikes,joggers,planes,people,cats,rats,crisp packets and well the list goes on but that is what made him a good crack. So over the next few weeks I will be putting together some 4K footage of Bruce out and about in some prime locations and hopefully I should be able to capture some awesome video and educate along the way as there is some lovely scenery and fascinating ruined buildings and haunted woods for us to go through. My music vlogging is on hold for the next week or so until Bruce has fully settled and can be left for a few hours without fretting so keep posted and subscribe to my youtube for alerts
  8. Hi all and thanks for taking the time to keep upto date with me and the very latest news on my vlog channel. Some of you know all ready that I have recently upgraded my camera for recording my videos. I have really decided to grab modern technology by the horns and sort of future myself for the next few years. I got myself a brand new Panosonic Lumix G7 4K camera. This thing is a beast and here is some of the main differences I have noticed from using my old DSLR the canon t31 or 600d. 1 The weight difference is amazing the g7 with the rode mic on it as well it weighs about 600g. 2 Ican now record for 29 mins in 4k rather than the 12-13 mins on the canon. 3 The image stabilization is just wow . 4 the user interface with programmable buttons. 5 The sound adjustment and levels. 6 Touch screen controls 7 it seems I could carry on a while here but that is the main jist of it. I have done a test in 4K on my channel if you wish to check the quality out and also filmed my 1 st gig with it last night the very impressive Junkhousedog Blues Band all shot in 4k but uploads in 1080 HD 60fps as there is no real point in 4k in dark environments. I get a new dog tomorrow as well so my music vloggs will slow down for a couple of weeks so he gets chance to settle in and sorted but there will be a lot of walk vlogs and cinematic filming through wooded trails and shiz. Peace out Bushy
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    @SaffronMoonPyre its funny you use the word Boop because I made a club on LoL called Boops a couple of days ago haha
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    @SaffronMoonPyre You are finally here!
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    @Mi5terMe @Jeichi Boop that's another player down for EU West LoL gameplay :mappa
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    @Mi5terMe, that sir is an excellent idea! I'll message them now, feel free to help me persuade them!
  13. yes we should but I have to wait for my eyes to stop spinning from last night bwahahaha
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    @Jeichi perhaps we can get dees peeps to join the forum and organise a day we can play perhaps make a fancy awesome clan woop woop
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    Event has now ended! - Thank you to everyone who participated within the event!
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  17. Hi @MyMrS, This is your really old World Of Tanks video isn't it! You should totally record some more of this when we next play!!
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    We will add a League of Legends section to our forums later today! - We definitely need to play a game of League again. Me (Jeichi), You (Mi5terMe), Saffron, Louping and Ryan (Ry-Fii)
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    Hey @Mi5terMe, Welcome to our community, I am glad that you have decided to come here! Hopefully you find a safe haven somewhere on our forums, we are adding some forum categories and would love to hear your feedback regarding our forums! I already know which area you will be prime in and that is maybe the Graphics Area! But welcome! If you ever need any help Mi5terMe, you can always message me directly on Forums, Steam, Twitter or you can get in touch with a random member of support from our community by going to the Support Tab and sending in a support ticket! Thanks, Connor (Jeichi) Community Founder (Ex. BanterCrew Marketing Manager)
  20. I vote we set it and the internet on fire and watch it all burn around us.
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    Ey Up pal Welcome to our place of banter and more. I am aware of you and your graphic work that you have done for connor. We have some scottish dudes playing strat games atm but I also like a strat game .. pop on our ts3 some time for a chat and a chill Peace out Bush
  22. Yo Jeichi ! What about League of Legends ma man... FYI you owe me a game !
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