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About this blog

An Elite:dangerous blog detailing the adventures or misadventures of Kornaran, a lone pilot in the black

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Korn, as he is known to his friends was admiring the seducted movement of the female shaped bobblehead glued with chewing gum to his instrument panel. As Korn stared mesmerised at the black plastic cockpit ornament available at most station gift shops for the price of a pack of peanuts, a strange thought occurred "why was she moving? And with a sudden crash back to reality he realised what was happening and muttered "oh crap, and the day started out so well".


Mining was the way to get rich quick, that's what Korn thought, it was going to be his ticket to riches and the fulfilment of all his dreams which generally consisted of a fully kitted out Anaconda with fluffy dice hanging from the comm console. Last month the plan was bounty hunting which ended up costing him 50,000 credits in repairs to his Asp! An incident he was convinced was bad luck and not the result of his piloting skills.

The Asp was his trusted friend, probably the only good friend this pilot had ever had, the only one that had stuck around, but then it did not have much of a choice. Every time to soft computer voice advised him of his impending demise or complained about going to max thrusters, he decided that he was just happy to hear her voice. "Commander, programming of collector limpet 2471 alpha complete, launching". Mining, Korn decided, was by far the most boring occupation he had ever tried, and he had tried a lot. "OK Dorris" he said trying not to yawn "try not to crash this one into the asteroid will ya, they cost 110 credits a piece!", the reply was a simple "affirmative commander" in that same soft voice.

Korn scanned the weapons control panel and activated the mining lasers. Immediately there was a hum of gears and clanks as the two outer doors opened revealing the slightly tarnished second hand lasers he had brought from Beacons Reach station. The laser beams blinded Korn for a second as they hit the asteroid, splintering ore and ice and ejecting them violently into space. The computer controlled limpets searched the debris for any valuable ore and attached themselves, they then powered the rock back to the ship and deposited the prices into the cargo scoop which was already deployed and waiting. "Rinse and repeat" thought Korn as he laid back in his chair and found himself staring at the bobblehead he had stuck to the console....


"This is Marshall Reeves" spluttered out of the comm system "the Purple Gang demands all of your cargo immediately or we will distroy you and your pitiful excuse of a ship!". Korn was stunned, there was always the risk of pirates, but he didn't expect them on his first trip out, his anger boiling he blurted out his response "what... WHAT THE HELL!?".

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