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    The Forum's Is Back!

    Goodevening fellow BanterCrew member(s) both new and old!

    I am not going to post a professional update regarding what has and hasn't changed to the website because that's not really the case. Basically we had a issue before Christmas 2016 where the website would always be down for 3-4 hours due to a error which we had no control over. This means we had no other option but to change server host.

    I am not going to name and shame our old host because I do not think that is the right thing to do however, they could step it up. Terrible.

    Due to us moving hosts it means we have started fresh. No spam accounts, no random old posts selling counterfeit handbags, I am sure you understand!

    BanterCrew has also change from a Streaming/Content Creating community to a General Gaming community. We want to aim at all members in the gaming industry, be it a streamer, youtuber, developer, gamer, the list literally goes on. We plan on getting more sections to the forums eventually!

    Kind Regards,
    Community Founder


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