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    Hello BanterCrewers !!

    well after a brief but enjoyable boost in activity the community has gone a little quiet. This tends to happen when we launch a new server at the same time a game is launched - it's been great fun meeting so many new folks! 

    Numbers for the Conan server have dropped and activity is now low, the wipe kinda killed it but had to be done due to the exploits, to be honest the reports I've seen for the game says it really needs to be done again...

    i think we have an arena being built on the server which should be fun (if I can find some time to actually play the game, steam informs me that I have not played a lot of hours).

    if anyone has any ideas on how's to make this server popular again I'm open to suggestions!

    in other news, we have made some additions to the donation centre and banter store, check them out and if you feel you would like to help banter get better, please donate or buy a subscription package!

    peace out!



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