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    Hello BanterCrew!

    We know it's Valentines Day coming up in the next week and we thought that we would give you a special weekend... Again! Just like last week we did a "Double XP Weekend" to celebrate our server hitting x amount of active users!

    From now till Tuesday 14th February you will be able to notice the following:

    • Double XP - Crafting, Eating, Killing, Building and Cooking!
    • 2x Gather - Every-time you hit a tree with an axe. Instead of being given 2 wood you will be given 4.
    • 2x Spoiled Food - Every-time you cook food the durability always ruins your food. Well now, it will take longer for food to become spoiled!

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Remember if you are alone this Valentines Day then get onto the Conan Exile server because, we love you! <3


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